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Our Purpose
TransparencyWorking with HCP
Working with Health Care Professionals

Why We Work with Health Care Professionals

Working with your doctor and other health care professionals is essential to gaining the real-world information we need to deliver treatment choices that improve the health of patients.

Research and Development

They help us research and develop treatment choices for patients.

Health care professionals and research institutions collaborate with Pfizer and other biopharmaceutical companies to discover new medicines and study how they work.

Learn more about Pfizer-sponsored research and investigator-initiated research.

Professional Advising and Consulting

They give us professional advice.

Input and advice from experienced health care professionals is critical to advancing research and development and helps us to better understand the needs of health care providers and patients.

Expert-Led Forums

They help to educate other professionals.

Pfizer engages experienced health care professionals as speakers to educate their peers about health conditions.

In-Office Information Exchange

We exchange information with them about our medicines.

​​​​​​​Members of Pfizer's field medical and sales forces meet with health care professionals in the office to discuss new and relevant information about our medicines.

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