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Thank you for your interest in Pfizer Singapore.

General Enquiry (Non-Medical and Non-Product Related):
Tel: +65 64038888
Fax: +65 64038868

Medical Enquiry:
Submit your enquiry here or visit our Medical Information Website at:

Note: Industry regulations do not allow pharmaceutical companies to offer medical advice or guidance to consumers or patients. Please contact your doctor or healthcare professional for advice on medicines or any health-related matter.

Reporting of Any Possible Side Effects or Adverse Events:
To report any Adverse Events associated with Pfizer pharmaceutical products, please report it at [email protected] or visit our web portal at

Media Contact:
If you are a member of the media, please email: [email protected]

Official Social Media Page:

Pfizer Global Sites:
To contact one of our country offices, please visit the specific country website for contact information.

Pfizer respects the confidentiality of your personal data and is committed to protect your privacy. Pfizer stores your personal data which you have provided to us to enable us to address your enquiry, complaint or other matters that you have raised, and to document our response. Your personal data will only be used for this purpose, unless otherwise required under the applicable laws, including for the purpose of legal proceedings. Please note that if an adverse event related to Pfizer’s pharmaceutical products is reported along with your actual enquiry, adverse event related information will be forwarded to our Drug Safety Unit. By providing such information on adverse events, you agree that we may contact you to further understand your case in order to fulfill our reporting obligations under the applicable laws.

Your personal data will be handled in accordance with Pfizer's data protection policy, which can be found at If at any time you have any concerns regarding Pfizer's use of your personal data, please contact your Pfizer contact or Pfizer's data protection officer at +65 64038888 or e-mail: [email protected]

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