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We adhere to high scientific and ethical standards: Pfizer's work with health care professionals is based in sound science and focused on improving patient health. We are committed to meeting the highest of ethical standards in our work with health care professionals to ensure the integrity of these relationships and their value to patients.

Our work is governed by laws, regulations and policies: Since our work with health care professionals directly impacts the lives and health of patients, it is governed by state regulations, SAPI Code of Conduct, in addition to our internal policies.

Pfizer's Commitents

Pfizer's Corporate Policies:
  • These promote ethical relationships with health care professionals and institutions.

  • Pfizer expects each of our employees to share a commitment to ethical relationships and has established mandatory training programs and controls to help ensure all employees understand and adhere to these policies.

  • We conduct audits to ensure compliance with our policies

How We Select Health Care Professional Partners

We work with true experts: If your health care provider works with Pfizer, it is because he or she has been identified as an experienced and knowledgeable professional who can provide us with valuable insights to improve patient care.

We consider a number of factors:
Some of the things we consider when choosing health care providers include:

  • Knowledge and experience

  • Education and credentials

  • Medical specialty

  • Commitment to patient care

Our standards are high: Each health care professional selected to work with Pfizer must meet high standards of professional excellence and ethical behavior.

  • Speakers: Speakers selected to lead expert forums must be knowledgeable in the relevant medical or scientific area and have a proven ability to effectively communicate such information.

  • Researchers: Pfizer identifies researchers with a proven track record of well-developed, useful, and often groundbreaking research. 

  • Academic research centers: Pfizer often works with researchers affiliated with academic research centers. Responsible partnerships between the biopharmaceutical industry and academic research centers are critical to advancing patient care. Academia investigates basic mechanisms of health and disease. Industry builds on these promising early scientific discoveries by developing potential new medicines and testing them to determine whether they are safe and effective for human use.

  • Professional advisers and consultants: Pfizer works with health care professionals to gain their advice and input regarding the best uses and designs for our medicines and on how to improve and market our products for use in real-world settings. 

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