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Pfizer is dedicated to collaborating across our supply chain to reduce the environmental footprint of our packaging throughout its lifecycle. To do so, we leverage innovative and functional packaging materials, designs and systems that minimize our impact on the environment, provide benefits to our patients, and reduce costs.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Create cost effective packaging that provides sufficient protection for the distribution, storage, sale and use for the product, while using the optimum packaging to mitigate our environmental footprint.
  • Seek innovative ways to:
    • Minimize materials used
    • Maximize use of recycled or renewable materials
    • Avoid dangerous levels of toxic and other harmful materials such as heavy metals, PVC, etc.
    • Source materials from certified responsibly managed forests
    • Optimize the number of products per package

Notable actions we're undertaking to meet our climate change commitments include:

  • Establishing Green Packaging Design Guidelines to assist in the development or modification of a package to reduce its environmental impact;

  • Forming a Sustainable Packaging Team, which works with brand managers and packaging designers to advance sustainable packaging throughout the company;

  • Supporting a recycling initiative for our Prevnar 13® brand's ProPak, which has resulted in 60% of all packaging being returned to a Pfizer recycling center thus far; and

  • Significantly reducing the size of the product packaging for Pfizer brand Lipitor® to minimize materials used and avoid unnecessary waste.

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