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It's never too early or too late for Caltrate®.


Each of Caltrate®'s 600 formulas contains 600 mg of elemental Calcium (60%# of daily recommended dietary intake for adults). Caltrate® optimizes Calcium absorption to help maintain strong bones and provides a reliable way to ensure that you meet your daily Calcium requirements.



Caltrate® 600


  • 600mg of Elemental Calcium
  • Recommended for adults who take multivitamins and need more calcium to maintain good bone health







Caltrate® 600+D


  • 600mg of Elemental Calcium
  • 400IU of Vitamin D3 (Double the strength of Vitamin D3*)
  • Recommended for indoor / office-based who need additional Vitamin D for increased calcium absorption
  • Suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers (Please consult your healthcare professional before taking)
  • Adults with low intake of calcium and Vitamin D



Caltrate® 600+D Minerals


  • 600mg of Elemental Calcium
  • 400IU of Vitamin (Double the strength of Vitamin D3*)
  • 4 Bone Fortifying Minerals:
  • 0.5mg Copper to support bone mineralization and collagen formation
  • 1.8mg Manganese for skeletal development
  • 7.5mg Zinc helps bone formation with support of healthy tissues
  • 50mg Magnesium helps to maintain strong bones
  • Recommended for adults who desire stronger bones for greater joint mobility and elderly who stay indoors


*Compared to previous formulation Caltrate 600+D/Plus 200IU


Caltrate® Vitamin D 1000IU


Caltrate® Vitamin D 1000IU is a once daily Vitamin D supplement. Each capsule provides 1000IU of Vitamin D3 in a convenient, easy to swallow liquid capsule. It is essential to support healthy bones and Calcium absorption, and is from a trusted Calcium brand, Caltrate®.


  • Supports bone health through enhanced Calcium absorption
  • Supports muscle strength leading to improved muscle balance can reduce risk of falls, which is a major risk factor for bone fractures


#Source: Daily Calcium Requirement Health Promotion Board Singapore, last updated 16 May 2012
MAHP 1600081